Church Open

On Saturday and Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm
the Church is now open for Prayer and Reflection
The first hour of the Wednesday session is reserved for 

people who consider themselves vulnerable.

The Church is laid out with 3 display points
intended to provide stimuli for prayer and reflection

All are very welcome
Please click on the “letter” below for full
operational details – Thank you

Reopening Letter from Leadership Team

One of the Prayer Stations will focus on thankfulness, including thanks for the things that have sustained us during the time spent in lockdown. So if you have a photo, taken either from your window, if you didn’t leave the house, or out on your walk if you did. Think of a bible verse or line from a hymn which illustrates it or says something about God’s goodness, and send them to me. They will form part of one of the prayer stations at church.
This is a living display, so there is still time to add your photo
It would be great if you could help in this way.

Rev. Barbara Greenwood