Latest Happenings at Warwick Methodist Church

Sunday Worship

“Live at Warwick”

Sunday 1st August at 10.30am – “Songs of Praise”

Please note that singing is now allowed, however
we request that face masks are worn at all times
even when singing

All are very welcome to join us but please do read
the guidelines below

Sunday Worship Guidelines August 2021

The service will also be available via Zoom.


The Circuit recorded service is now available
Please see the letter below for joining details

Circuit Letter 1st August

Circuit service Worship sheet 1st August

Date for Your Diary

The Circuit welcome service for Rev Sally Jones
will be held at
Warwick on Sunday 5th September at 6-30pm

The service will be led by Rev Ian Howarth

Further details in due course, but there will not be
a morning service at Warwick that Sunday

Sunday Services Guidelines for August

The Church Leadership Team have recently met to
review the recent Government relaxation of rules re Covid19.

The Methodist Church and South Warwickshire Circuit
are recommending caution and with the recent rise in
Covid numbers locally, the Leadership Team decided to
keep most of the previous guidelines in place for August.

The Main change is great news
In August

Singing will be allowed but with Face Masks on please

However, we would recommend, for the safety and well being of other,
that if you are planning to attend Sunday Worship
will you please take a Lateral Flow Test prior to attending

Please do read the guidelines below,
these will now be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Sunday Worship Guidelines August 2021

In Control

View from the Control Desk

(As seen by Hank Redway who has witnessed and felt the nail-biting, last minute stress and ultimate relief as Steve Conway and David Witham coax our ageing equipment into life, sometimes literally minutes before the preacher walks to the lectern. If only the congregation knew. Well, they do now!)


This is the tale of two guys that I know,
They’re really not brash, they don’t make a show,
They reproduce sound from upstairs, where unseen,
They ensure that the pictures transmit to the screen.

The first one is Steve, he just knows about things,
Advanced  electronics? He’s up there with kings.
He twiddles the knobs, gently coaxing our gear,
And makes it all work; though how? – I’m not clear!

Assisted by David, this pair are like gnomes,
Quietly bringing a service right into our homes.
But the stunning result you receive without care
Belies the sheer angst these two have to bear.

I’ve witnessed the skill that they calmly portray
When just at the last, there’s a hitch to allay.
There are so many things that can ever go wrong
When approaching the finish, that final furlong.

The ageing computer may freeze without warning,
“Oh no! not today, surely not this morning!”
Then out of the blue, it transfers from defiant
And springs into life and shifts to compliant.

Now the audios in church aren’t at the right level!
Or the Zoom, or the loop, they just can be the devil.
Independently tweaked, to find the right pitch,
They refuse to just blend, there’s always a hitch.

But what’s this I hear? Do we have a solution?
A new piece of kit to reduce the confusion.
A sound board that works with much simpler controls
That helps the fraught boys to achieve all their goals.

So, thanks for that, guys, perhaps a refresher
Would help to relieve my rising blood pressure.
Then all we require as you teach, and you tutor
Is a few more to help – and a brand-new computer!

Hank Redway

Church Without Walls

The Church windows have been decorated with pictures and illustrations
on Pentecost – including the Story of Penetecost – please click below

story of Pentecost

Church without Walls

Many thanks to Julie for updateing the Church windows for
Pentecost – do go and have alook, lots of people are!

Latest News

Newsletter April 21

Please see the Newsletter below for an update
from the Leadership
This includes details on reopening the Church for “Live” worship
A request from Julie for help with the new window display
Plus an urgent appeal for your help
to ensure the future smooth running

of the Church, once we are back to “normal”




Wayside Pulpit

Many thanks once again to Ian
for designing another great poster