Prayer Circle

Pray Without Ceasing

There is a quiet corner in the Church by the “Prayer Net” where there is a box for confidential requests for prayer –

or contact the Prayer Circle through Sheila or Norma

The Origin of the Northgate Prayer Net

Many years ago one of our past ministers the Rev. Derek Morton and his wife Ann visited Iona. While they were there, they saw in the porch of a church a fishing net covered in stands of bright coloured wool, each strand representing a prayer request or thanks for prayer answered.

Derek and Ann were moved by the beauty and sincerity of this and brought the idea back to Warwick, which is not the most likely place to find a deep sea fishing net. On hearing that Trevor and Anne Wills were visiting Cornwall, they were asked to help.

Trevor and Anne went to Newlyn, where the fishermen there were very interested to hear what the net was to be used for and willingly searched for a suitable piece.

After the net had been thoroughly hosed down it was made ready to adorn the wooden cross constructed by Derek. The cross and net were duly dedicated and the first strands tied to it honouring a request by the Newlyn fishermen that we would remember them in our prayers.

From these first prayers it is wonderful to see how many more have been added, a visual symbol of the prayer life of the Church.